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The project features many unique design ideas not previously implemented into a local residence, including a leather floor in the living and dining area (the material and installer were brought here from Texas for this project), an art glass wall with material from a small artisan manufacturer in San Francisco, cubic aniline dyed cabinetry in vivid primary colors in the library and office, and a custom built barrel vault skylight running the entire length of the upstairs gallery. A computer controlled “smart house” system can control lighting (to set different scenes), control the electric blinds and turn on and off a variety of other appliances in the home.

An elevator travels from the lower parking area up to the residence that is appointed with pleated stainless steel panels and stone flooring per interior designers drawings.

The kitchen includes granite counter tops with granite backsplash that slides to the side to reveal a hidden appliance garage. The upper floor includes the master suite with a remote controlled gas fireplace, a stainless steel dumb waiter and the most spectacular master bathroom we have ever built. The bath floors, shower, Roman tub, and lav tops are all done with slab granite. The faucets have a photo eye included that detect the need for water and automatically turn on and the shower is equipped with valve that sets and displays the exact water temperature.


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