La Jolla Farms Road

7,500 square foot home on 3.5 acres built on the ocean bluff in La Jolla Farms. Thomas J. Taylor Construction Inc. was chosen from select group of top area builders by the Salk Institute. The selective process was conducted prior to conceptual drawings and included interviews, review of financial statements, company procedures, and business history and references.

Thomas J. Taylor Construction Inc. was involved for one year prior to commencement of construction, with the design group, and Institute representatives. We assisted the design team and Institute with samples, alternative products and sources, value engineering, and updated projected cost estimates.

Prior to construction, Thomas J. Taylor Construction Inc. supervised installation of 80’ deep 36’’ diameter concrete and steel caissons at the bluff edge which, when completed, stabilized the property from risk of landslide.

Thomas J. Taylor Construction Inc.’s cabinet and mill shop manufactured and installed all cabinetry and built in furniture for the residence. Slab marble and granite are integrated into many of the cabinet and furniture pieces. There is extensive use of hardwood and slate flooring set in patterns and designs throughout the house. The lighting system consists of both direct and indirect lights placed both within and behind coves and soffetts. There are also electronically controlled blinds on the west side of the residence to control the residents exposure to the setting sun over the ocean.

The exterior work included extensive landscape, pool, multi-purpose paddle/basketball court, drive gate, block and stucco site walls, site lighting, and over two acres of plants, irrigation and drainage. The drainage system included a city mandated pumping station (which required three phase power) to capture and return to the street elevation above the property all rain run off on entire property.

This was a successful project of cooperation between Thomas J. Taylor Construction Inc. as General Contractor, The Salk Institute, as owner, a local architectural firm, a Los Angeles based interior design team, Ward Deems as project manager, and many other consultants and regulatory officials.

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