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This project is nearly 3,000 square feet of structure shoe-horned onto a very narrow and step hillside lot in an older neighborhood of University Heights.

The main level of the house, a single curved ceiling space, provides space for the living, dining, kitchen, and master bedroom and bath. The ceiling and roof system are accomplished by curved glue laminated beams for the structure with T & G stained pine infilled between for the ceiling material. The roofing system is a standing seam pre-finished metal following the radius of the roof.

Stainless steel is used extensively in the project as an accent including a beautifully designed and executed front gate as well as fireplace screen, exposed flue and tension cables for glue lam beams.

All cabinetry and interior furniture was built by Thomas J. Taylor Construction Cabinet Shop per architects specifications. Interior plaster was applied in some interior areas then waxed to attain a smooth soft sheen. Exterior stucco was achieved with an extremely flat smooth “shower” finish.

The danger of fire in the canyon required the use of fusible link drop down steel shutters on all the canyon facing openings as well as a fire sprinkler water curtain system.

Thomas J. Taylor Construction coordinated and supervised the entire project from demolition of the existing house to installation of landscaping.

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