Architect: Allard Jansen and Associates

Landscape Architect: Michael Theilacker

Interior Designer: Pamela Smith Interior Designer

Originally built in the nineteen twenties and designed by famed architect Lillian Rice, this home is on the National Historical Registry of Historic Homes. The properties current Owner desired a renovation and expansion of the residence maintaining historical accuracy and design integrity. Every detail in the house was to be recreated as closely as possible to the original home.

The ceramic tile work, designed and produced by Richard Thomas Keit Studios in Otay, was made and installed to authentically replicate the work done in the 1920’s. This tile is used extensively throughout the project in the fountains, stair risers, swimming pool, bathrooms, and countertop backsplashes.

The door and window hardware in the existing house was designed by Lillian Rice and specifically made for the house in the 1920’s. Recreating this hardware created a unique challenge for the construction team. Examples of every different type of hardware were removed from the existing house and molds were made of them at a local foundry. Each piece was then cast in bronze and plated in satin nickel. This involved literally thousands of pieces, including even the screws, but this finished detail adds a tremendous amount of authenticity to the finished product.

These are just two of the dozens of details in the house that were researched and reproduced using our primary goal of being faithful to the original house. Other examples were the handmade roof tiles, vintage lumber used in the truss work in the ceilings in the new buildings, the custom made windows and doors, the hand forced iron work and the techniques used to install the interior plaster and exterior stucco.

The Owner has an extraordinary knowledge of plants and had an extensive nursery on site when the project began. This nursery had to be moved to an adjacent property before work could begin on the more than four acres that the project covers. The Owner, along with Michael Theilacker, the Landscape Architect, and Ken Yasuda, the Landscape Contractor, created on the most stunning and unique plant environments in California.

Because of the efforts and commitments starting with the Owners and continued by the Design team, and all the subcontractors, this project was truly special for our firm to have been involved with.

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