Cabrillo Avenue


Mark Tarasuck

744 G Street

Suite 206

San Diego, CA 92101


A spectacular multilevel home near the Village in La Jolla, this is an infill project where an old existing home had to be demolished for this one to be built.

The house is built around a core stairway with many of the rooms radiating off of it. The lowest level of the stairway is actually built into the hillside utilizing curved retaining walls. The stairway itself is a combination of oak treads and hand painted ceramic tile risers.

All of the cabinetry in the house, which was built by Thomas J. Taylor Construction, Inc., is made of plastic laminate. The kitchen counters as well as the dinning room buffet top are made of granite and both of these rooms look out of a rear courtyard featuring a spectacular fountain.

Downstairs is a reproduction of a 1950’s diner, complete with built in booths and shake bar. The house also includes a dark room, craft room and circular maid's room.

The master bedroom includes a cabinet at the foot of the bed that conceals a television lift that can be operated remotely from the bed.

There is extensive use of ornamental iron railings both inside and out and the award winning exterior landscape includes topiary giraffes and tropical plants. Thomas J. Taylor Construction was responsible for all phases of construction.

La Jolla Residence 6


Thomas J. Taylor Construction,Inc.


Lic. # 579978

8189 Center Street

La Mesa, California


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