6,500 sq.ft Contemporary home in La Jolla

The circular design of this home offered some unique challenges to the construction process. Almost all the walls in the house are curved and anything attached to them had to be built

to match this curve including the cabinets, baseboards, soffits, drywall and drywall reveal reglets and even the curved copper gutters.

The house incorporated glass, a variety of wood species and numerous different stone selections into a stunning warm and contemporary design.

Curved Analine dyed cabinetry of fingured maple is used in the kitchen, master bath and bar area. An artist from Los Angeles was used to create the unique glass design in the master shower and front door. The entire home is heated with radiant floor heat and the home has a computer controlled lighting system throughout.

Floor to ceiling glass was used in many areas of the home to take maximum advantage of the views. Indirect lighting in the multi-layered soffit in the ceilings produces a warm glow to the interior of the home and a spectacular effect from outside at night. This along with the distinctive design of this home has made it a

La Jolla landmark.

La Jolla Shores Residence



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